Specialty coffee is coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale (to determine quality and flavour profile). We always use specialty coffee beans from high quality local, artisan roasters, relatively light roasted. Our organic espresso beans are from Bocca Coffee and our filter coffees from various roasters. Our all time favourite coffee is natural processed Ethiopian coffee, and we always try to have at least one natural Ethiopian option. But coffee from all over the world can be exciting flavour wise, and it’s the variation that makes it so fun to try different kinds of coffee. If you fancy black coffee, try out one of our filter coffees to indulge yourself with a mug full of surprisingly aromatic and bittersweet delight. If you’re more a creamy kind of person, we make our milk coffees with the creamiest of sustainable and animal friendly milks; Oatly barista of course! Couldn’t live without. We also have some other delicious plant milk alternatives like soy and coconut.

High quality teas are getting more and more popular too. We love our teas, and think it’s the perfect start of the day, and of course an unmissable element in our Afternoon Tea. Teas are so many times mistreated by adding artificial flavours that conceal the natural beautiful flavours of the leaves. Some teas have a distinct peachy aroma, some are as sweet as honey, some have a real smoky depth to them and others are refreshing like a rainforest. White, green, black and oolong, we embrace them all. There are also exciting herbal teas out there that are yet not so well known, but extraordinarily delicious. Have you ever tried cherry blossom leaf tisane? It tastes like tonka bean, wood, cinnamon and cherries, amazing! We obtain our teas from Mr. Jones Tea and Crusio Tea, both companies stand for high quality, single sourced, un-aromatized, sustainable and socially engaged (fair) teas. Check out our tea menu here.

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