Our most beloved cake. It's super creamy and refreshing. The cake consists of a cookie crumb base, a luscious & velvety mango-passionfruit cream cheese bavarois, topped by a layer of passionfruit glaze. 


Order via contact @ koffieendekoeck.nl


Order (or cancel) before tuesdays for the week you want to order the cake, pick up during openingtimes (thursdays-sundays, 11:00 - 16:00). We only have a pick up option, no delivery service. Payments during pick up (preferably by card). 


Allergens: gluten (only in the crust) and soy 


Because of the glaze on top, it's not possible to customize this cake with text.


Note: costs for last minute cancellations (after tuesdays for that week) have to be covered, as it takes a few days for to do all the prep work (buying ingrediënts, making a schedule, making the actual cake)

Passionfruit Cheese Cake

€ 35,00Prijs