Moist layers of carrot cake with citrussy cream cheese icing. This carrot cake is made with refeshing Italian spices and ingredients like fennelseeds, cardamom, orange peel, nutmeg, pine nuts, boozy sultanas and lemon zest, instead of the traditionally used warm spices like cinnamon.


Allergens: gluten, soy lecithin (only a very small amount in the frosting), pine nuts 


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Order (or cancel) before tuesdays for the week you want to order the cake, pick up during openingtimes (thursdays-sundays, 11:00 - 16:00). We only have a pick up option, no delivery service. Payments during pick up (preferably by card). 


Note: costs for last minute cancellations (after tuesdays for that week) have to be covered, as it takes a few days for to do all the prep work (buying ingrediënts, making a schedule, making the actual cake).

Italian Carrot Cake

€ 35,00Prijs